Leah & Julien

We love it when the magic of the Bay of Fires moves our guests. Here is an entry in our visitor book from our guests Leah and Julien.

We spent a honeymoon of sorts at the Shack almost exactly two years after our great friends V & A were here.

The skies were stormy and brooding when we arrived, then the sun miraculously appeared and the clouds fled, leaving us a spectacular sunset which was the opening act for the night’s starry sky.

The skylight framed the Southern Cross which watched over us as we slept to the most peaceful of sleeps. A welcome escape from our worries about the fate of our beloved home town, Paris.

We woke up to a turquoise ocean with gentle waves rolling in from the horizon. Our first (and possibly most breath-taking) view for 2015 along the Bay of Fires, followed by a refreshing dip in the crystal waters. Our only regret is not staying longer. But we will return. Thank you, Chris, for sharing paradise with us!

Leah & Julien, Paris, January 2015